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Sun, Jul 15, 2018
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Customized Group Tours

Travel Gallery specializes in building bridges of friendship between people, cultures and organizations since 1978. We welcome the opportunity to assist your group in designing a custom program that fits your goals. Custom tour programs for churches, parishes, alumni, family reunions, middle schools, high schools, colleges & universities.

Put the power of friendship to work for you, with our established contacts in Europe, Africa, Latin America, South Pacific and Asia, to make your travel experience a memorable success. With our experience and knowledge we will craft a unique custom program for you! .

April 14-20, 2018



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We created these special religious tour experiences to support the Israeli Ministry of Tourism promotion.

Holyland Tours - Evangelical Tour


 Holyland Tour Clip


Experience the Miracle of Israel - Catholic Tour

(Itinerary intended for a group traveling together)

 Catholic jpeg


Living Waters Catholic Tour 

(Itinerary intended for a group traveling together)


Living Waters JPEG


Travel Gallery of Pasadena 

Your discovery of the world begins with our specialization in crafting customized group experiences.

Our team's personal travel has built a network of local experts all over the world. Working directly with our associates in

Israel you will discover the Israel that will make the Bible come alive, the walks of Jesus more real, and

ancient history more relevant to your daily walk with God.    

The thrill of our first visit to the Holy Land is still vivid — that is what encourages

us to craft an Israel and Holy Land experience that will invigorate your walk as well.

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